Crazy Whitefella Thinking
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The Leftovers

S3 Ep3 • Crazy Whitefella Thinking

Crazy Whitefella Thinking

R 14A 16+ 2017 Drama 59 min

Director Mimi Leder

Available until July 16, 2018

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With the clock ticking towards the anniversary of the Departure and emboldened by a vision that is either divine prophecy or utter insanity, Kevin Garvey, Sr. wanders the Australian Outback in an effort to save the world from apocalypse.


  • Justin Theroux Kevin Garvey
  • Amy Brenneman Laurie Garvey
  • Christopher Eccleston Matt Jamison

On Demand

  • Start: April 30, 2017
  • End: October 12, 2020